News from Olivier?

After Brexit and the election of Trump in the US you can't help thinking that we have reached the end of an economic - we knew that - and political era. The elites which have governed our Western societies over the past decades are dismissed by a population who fails to see any results of their policies, quite the contrary. It boggles the mind that the electorate of two large democratic countries is entrusting the levers of power to people who have no experience (Trump) or no plan (Brexit). Like in the case of Syriza and Greece, whatever it takes is being done to oust the established leadership even if it means jumping in at the deep end. This is quite worrying; there can't be any doubt that we are in for exciting times!

And how is Olivier feeling in this situation? I admit to being somewhat disturbed amidst all these developments. But life goes on and I am more than ever convinced that we have to help promote the economic transition and offer new prospects to those who feel abandoned and left behind. We must open doors, not close them! We should try to do everything we can to win people over for future-proof projects instead of giving free rein to forces who aspire to exclusion, selfishness, ostracism and populism and who capitalise on the perfectly understandable frustration of our citizens. They have no solutions, they have no answers to the questions asked by the people! So let us listen, share, undertake and strive towards more solidarity; together we are finding solutions!!

For me that means that I am soldiering on along the lines which I described to you in my last newsletter ( MicroStart has a new shareholder, Partena Professional (, and this is excellent news; apart from that the latest developments in my life are of a more personal nature.

On November 26, 2016 at 8 pm the Choir of Optimistan and  Les Chantres de Notre Dame are going to give a concert at the Eglise Sainte-Anne, Place de la Sainte Alliance in Uccle B-1180; we are looking forward to singing Mozart, gospels and some extracts of our 2017 programme for you; our choirmaster will accompany us on the organ. The music is beautiful, and we would love to see you there (if you don't live too far away, that is...)!

Now what about your paradise in Dordogneshire ;), how is it doing, Olivier? Thanks very much, fine! Our new member and his partner spent a long summer and one week in November with us. The group is growing together and benefits from a fresh look at some aspects of our habits and ways of organising the place.

We are now ready to launch the search for a new partner once again . We are therefore on the lookout for people who are interested in sharing our project with us. If you don't know what I am talking about, please have a look at , more info and the newsletter under «Summer 2015» where you'll find a detailed description of the project. The best idea is to come and see for yourselves, then you'll understand why I always refer to our paradise or kibbutz!!

Hop to hear soon from you

November 2016


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