You've clicked again...I just wanted to let you know how happy I am on my new way before I leave for looong holidays in our "kibbutz" in France (in case you don't know, fifteen years ago I bought a huge house in the Dordogne together with a bunch of friends ….it's paradise on earth ☺ ☺ ☺).

Some of you probably receive the regular updates of my profile on LinkedIn (; that's the facts. But what really counts and seems more interesting to me, and what I'd like to share with you, is the state of mind of that little man on his way, that small spot on the map moving forward, slowly but surely; does he know where he's heading, and why? Those of you whom I see regularly know how much energy I've spent to find my way about, to understand and discover where I might be of use and take pleasure in helping to improve environment. Some of the tools in my previous toolkit had to be replaced by others which were better suited to help me measure the distance to be travelled and to reorientate myself. I also had to abandon a certain number of prejudices and clichés about "the other" and what is said about "the other". And now, starting several months back, I'm beginning to harvest the fruit that grows on the trees alongside my way. I was hungry for new tastes, and I was not disappointed. My rucksack is filling up quickly and from now on I'll have to think twice before adding another tempting fruit. But it is also getting heavy because of all the stones I pick up in order to build a bridge. More about that in the next episode ☺ ☺ ☺. Thank you all very much for your trust and friendship.

This being said, everything is not motherhood and applepie either. Travelling by tram and bus (which is much more ecological and often faster than one's own car in town) allows me to get a better feel of my fellow citizens, notably during the rush hour and when it's hot ☺ ☺ ☺, and I can watch their behaviour from close-up which is not the case when you're stuck in your own car in a traffic jam. And you know what? Sometimes people get up and offer me their seat in the bus…to whom? me? yes, me ☺ ah that's kind, thank you very muchL ☺☺, well it's good to see politeness at work but all of a sudden they make me feel older at a time where I started feeling rejuvenated, full of energy and hope, almost like a teenager ☺☺ ☺. Joking apart, I am very happy about the way one thing is leading to another, the people I meet, the discoveries I make and the experience I gather.

In a few weeks' time I shall put down my rucksack and toolkit and go on holidays; I'll listen to the CDs I bought with the income from my first bills (yessyess !!), play tennis with my preferred partner early in the mornings, unearth my brushes and colours and sit under the walnut tree (with my master, I hope), rehearse for our concert in november (a Händel oratorio, Judas Maccabeus, beautiful but not easy) and, in the evenings, reinvent the world with my friends over a good meal where I'll be able to contribute the fruit I've reaped…and start all over the day after. If this summer your steps happen to take you to the south west of France, do come and drop in, you are welcome to share a moment of friendship and hospitality with us.    


July 2013

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